Refund policy

Last updated: March 31st, 2023

Please read this Refund Policy carefully. By using Vanity Pictures’ services, you agree to be bound by this Refund Policy.

  1. Cancellation Fees:
    Cancellations made within 72 hours of the booking date will result in a $500.00+GST fee, if the full amount has not been paid.

  2. No Refunds:
    Once any amount or the full amount has been paid, no refunds can be offered under any circumstances.

  3. Payment Plan Obligations:
    If the Client is on a payment plan and cancels the shoot, no payments made will be refunded, and the Client remains obligated to complete all future payments as agreed upon, even if the event or shoot is cancelled.

  4. Additional Charges:
    The Client is responsible for all additional charges related to cancellation, which may include actor’s fees, crew time, equipment hire, venue hire, and work already undertaken by Vanity Pictures.

  5. Force Majeure:
    In the event of force majeure, no refunds can be made under any circumstances.

  6. Partial Refund or Reshoot:
    Vanity Pictures reserves the right to offer a partial refund proportional to the affected portion of the project or a reshoot, if feasible, at no additional cost to the Client, subject to availability and scheduling, in the event of equipment malfunction, data loss, or other technical issues resulting in the loss or damage of footage.

  7. Indemnification:
    The Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Vanity Pictures from any third-party claims arising from the Client’s use of the final deliverables or their failure to obtain necessary permissions or licenses for third-party content.

  8. Project Abandonment:
    In the event of project abandonment, all deposits and payments made by the Client shall be non-refundable, and Vanity Pictures reserves the right to terminate the agreement.

  9. Acceptance of Policy:
    Please note that by accepting this agreement, the Client agrees to these refund policies and acknowledges that refunds will not be given under any circumstances other than those outlined in this policy.